Too much time has passed since we could safely travel for business or pleasure in Italy, Europe, and around the world. Now that the scientific data allow us to travel again, a relaxing holiday will help us regain our strengths and face the challenges that this reopening will present us. A vacation we all dream of, that needs to be in total safety.

For this reason, in accordance with the new regulations received by the Government, trained and certified experts have developed the Safe Hospitality protocol. A series of procedures that will guarantee the security of both our guests and our employees. The Safe Hospitality protocol aims to make every guest and worker of the Hotel feel the safety of their homes through a combination of monitoring, sanitization, and organization to prevent the risk of infection in every area.

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

The Safe Hospitality protocol, already activated in order to be ready for the reopening on June 19, consists of several procedures that can be divided into 4 main phases:


The first step to protect everyone’s health is our behavior in any environment. For this reason, our staff has been trained to be able to work in accordance with these new regulations. We have shared with the entire staff the guidelines of the Safe Hospitality protocol that must be followed diligently, the different regulations specific for the different hotel areas and personal protective kits, necessary for their own and our guests’ protection.

We are equipped to daily and constantly monitor our staff’s temperature, every time they enter and leave the Hotel. Finally, we are trained for any possible emergency scenarios.


The second step to protect everyone’s health is checking every guest. Each guest will be thoroughly informed of the behavior to be held within the hotel premises and will be provided with a detailed regulation form. You will find sanitizing dispensers in all spaces which we ask since now to use regularly. We will need your full cooperation in order to keep everyone safe and healthy in a peaceful, friendly, and discreet way, as always.


The third phase to protect everyone’s health is the total sanitization of all areas. We planned a daily and constant sanitization system of all areas of the Hotel, with particular attention to the common areas. Every surface will be sanitized, according to the regulations and through the use of certified products.

We will also give special attention to the daily sanitization of the rooms, the most intimate and personal space of your holiday. Prior to each guest’s arrival, we will thoroughly clean and sanitize their room to guarantee the highest standards of safety. These measures will be repeated every day of your stay by our highly trained personnel.


The last step to protect everyone’s health is the organization of the spaces based on the hotel structure. The Hotel covers a large area and can guarantee the mandatory social distancing without changing the current structure.

Each guest will have the possibility to avoid contact with other guests while still enjoying intimate and personal spaces.

Our common areas are the following:

  • BREAKFAST AREA: our breakfast room is 120 square meters while the outside porch is 50 square meters.
  • SWIMMING POOL: our pool is 150 square meters, surrounded by a large solarium. It is important for you to know that chlorine commonly present in pools’ water guarantees total sanitization. No virus or bacteria can outlive the chlorine making swimming pools the safest spaces to be.
  • GARDEN: the highlight of the Cavalieri del Mare Hotel, our garden covers a 7000 square meters area around the building. Now more than ever this outdoor green space is a treasure to be preserved. Sun loungers and parasols will be placed here to ensure shaded areas for your relaxing, reading, and playing moments with your loved ones.

The large area that we offer is a further guarantee in safeguarding your health. We are confident that our efforts and the cooperation between personnel and guests will grant a level of safety we will be proud of.