Pietrasanta and Lucca

Pietrasanta is the must destination for art lovers. This city is a museum, where you can be amazed by the sculptures and exhibitions around the city. Visit Lucca with is walls, the only city that has maintained its independence since 1847.

Sculptures - Pietrasanta

Pietrasanta is considered a real museum which attracts each year tourist from all around the world because of its sculptures and famous artworks. Known as little Athens, thanks to the high number of artists which have decided to live in Pietrasanta, such a I.Mitoraj and F.Botero, this city finds it artistic origins from the secular tradition of marble quarrying.

The beautiful fortified city of Lucca, is considered a real foreign entity by the Tuscans since it has fiercely guarded its independence since 1847. Known as city of 100 churches, because of the numerous places of worship, this city is almost magical and surreal. Find out more about Lucca on the online page Visit Tuscany.