Versilia’s and Marina di Massa’s beaches

Guests at Cavalieri del Mare Hotel can easily reach the seaside by a short walk, 100 meters. Guests may select their preferred destination from a number of beaches near the hotel, or they can go to a free beach, but these are not furnished with bathing facilities, such as loungers and umbrellas.

Our coast

The northern Tuscany is characterized by long tracts of sandy beaches easily reached by bike or on foot. Our coast has a long cycle path where you can find beach resorts which offer excellent services, making sure every guest is comfortable. Against a backdrop of pine forest and the peaks of Alpi Apuane the beaches are truly suggestive and atmospheric.

Among the distinguished guests G. D’Annunzio and R. Micheloni, whose famous lines are engraved in the marble on the side walls of the Hotel:

“e tutta la versilia, ecco s’indora d’una soavità
che il cor dilana. Mai fosti bella, ahimé,
come in quest’ora ultima, O Pania!”

“Salve Alpi della mia terra
dove arriva il profumo del mare,
bianchi di marmi e neve,
rosse di sole che muore.”


Versilia, a holiday destination for both Italian and foreign tourists, has a well-known coastline. The beaches are wide tracts of fine sand and the majority offer excellent services making sure that each guest is comfortable and relaxed. At Marina di Massa, the seaside resorts are characterized by cliffs and rockpools, frequented by fishermen, children looking for crabs and sun worshippers.