Alpi Apuane

The hotel sits below the beautiful Tuscan mountains, near the sea and between Garfagnana and Lunigiana. This area is well known for its prestigious marble which has been mined since the time of Julius Caesar. The regional park of Alpi Apuane, was nominated in 2012 as a protected UNESCO geopark.

Alpi Apuane

The Alpi Apuane are our treasured mountains which overlook the sea and where you can find rare flowers and plants. Each year, the mountains attract speleology and mountain climbing enthusiasts. This unspoilt region is perfect for hiking, horse riding or mountain biking.

The structure of these mountains has made them a paradise for geology lovers. L'Antro del Corchia is one of the many grottos with over 70kms of underground canals and is the biggest underground river in Italy and one of the biggest in the world. Grotta del Vento (the cave of the wind) named for the constant breeze that maintains a permanent temperature 10,7°. This beautiful cave was once used in the 1700s to store and preserve food.

Tucked away in these mountains you can find unique and beautiful towns. Fosdinovo in Lunigiana is famous for its ghostly castle. Colonnata is a hamlet once inhabited by families of miners from the marble quarries. Here you can try the local matured lard, cut finely, on warm bread. The lard is still matured according to tradition in marble vats.